How to gain entry

  • STEP ONEAm I a beneficiary?

    Find out if you have the profile to enter the incubator.
    See conditions
  • STEP TWOCheck the application rules

    Download the entry and operational rules of the incubator to see if it interests you.
    Download regulatory bases
  • STEP THREEMake a pre-registration

    Fill in this basic form so that we can analyse whether you can make an entry application.
    Application form
  • STEP FOURAnalysis by the KBi Digital team

    The KBi team will study your pre-registration in order to reply to you as soon as possible.
  • STEP FIVEInterview to take the project a step further

    If the result is positive, we will call you for a personal interview in order to get to know the project in greater detail.
  • STEP SIXFormalization of the application

    If your project is selected, we will send you a link with the formal application, in order to include the data required to make a definitive analysis of access to the incubator.
  • STEP SEVENPreparation of the technical report in accordance with the selection criteria

    The technical staff will make a final assessment of the incorporation of the project into KBi Digital.
    See selection criteria
  • STEP EIGHTThe admissions committee will make a definitive assessment

    Finally, the admissions committee will make its final decision on the said incorporation, stating the conditions and period of stay, which will be notified to you.