Promoted by means of an agreement between Bilbao City Council and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia through its public companies, Bilbao Ekintza, EPEL and Beaz, SAU, KBi Digital Bilbao Bizkaia (hereinafter KBi Digital), the advanced incubator for digital entrepreneurship projects, was set up with the main purpose of promoting entrepreneurship projects by both start-ups and established companies within the sector of the digital economy.

KBi Digital aims to become a leading centre for innovation and the development of initiatives in the digital field, a point of reference for the creation of start-ups and new applications for the development of companies in the ICT sector. In short, it involves setting in motion a centre of innovation and creativity applied to digital environments in the Bilbao Bizkaia region which is also open to the participation of other collaborating bodies and sponsors.

Both institutions are aware that comparative experience has shown that the implementation of advanced and specialized incubators in this sector has had a pull effect on the digital content sector in the cities and provinces where they have been set up. Therefore, the creation and implementation of an incubator specializing in the development of applications for mobiles, television and multi-format devices, internet-based businesses, video games and digital content production, among others, may have the nature of generating economic activity.



The main features of the KBi Digital Incubator are: