Eduardo Perrino

Senior developer


I am an Internet and technology enthusiast. I work with start-ups to develop the underlying technology for their business models. Depending on the arrangements made, I may be involved as a senior developer or in technical management. Based on personal interest I have also acquired broad knowledge of digital marketing, analytics for websites and mobiles and growth hacking.

Markos Espina

Graphic designer

I have almost 20 years experience as a graphic designer, and love what I do. I am committed to offering excellence and commitment in my services. I am a firm believer in the application and development of the standards of which the World Wide Web is based. From the outset of my career I have focused on information technology, and more specifically on online and visual communication.

Mikel Gorbea

Web developer

I develop applications with HTML/CSS/JS and PHP. I manage online communities and e-commerce, and specialise in forums and social networks. Crypto-currencies, digital economy and block chain applications. 20 years of experience in IT, 10 in creation and management of websites. Front-end and back-end developer. Linux server administrator.

These professionals have been in KBi DIGITAL

Diego Rosales

ERP specialist

I am a telecommunications engineering technician who has gradually come to specialise in programming. I am currently programming for Sharepoint, and have developed apps for mobiles and website. I have a Masters diploma in SAP-ABAP.

Joseba Koldo Fernández

Web developer

I develop online applications for Microsoft platforms under ASP.NET and C#, and also work with HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript and JQuery. As well as programming I am also an enthusiastic member of the Maker movement and fond of all things concerned with mechatronics, microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry PI, automation and robots in general.

Marta Clavel

Web developer

I develop websites in HTML5, CSharp, JQuery and CSS3. I am currently involved in projects with the SharePoint platform. I cover various disciplines and have worked in a range of technological fields such as development in PHP and MySQL, and CAU.

Nicolay Benediktov Sedano


SharePoint-based software developer with experience in team management for the technical development of apps. Design/redesign of architecture for new and existing apps in the following technologies:.NET: ASP NET, C#… SQL Server DBA.

Roberto Aranda

ERP specialist

I am a young IT technician who is eager to learn about the changing world of new technologies. I am familiar with networks and website development. I have worked mostly developing apps for the SIP business management system and am now engaged in development for the SharePoint 2013 business cooperation platform using three layer MVC architecture along with various website development technologies (Jquery,css,hml5).